Weatherite Group Brochure

Four individual companies, each operating independently whilst benefitting from a strong, dynamic group management structure Since it was founded in 1972, theWeatherite Group has established itself as one of the leaders in the highly competitive HVAC, Architectural Aluminium and BMS/Control Systems Industries. As a strong, dynamic group of companies we successfully operate within highly demanding and competitive market sectors including; retail, telecommunications, commercial, leisure, hospitality, pharmaceutical, healthcare and education.To maintain our position as one of the UK leaders requires a substantial commitment in terms of our infrastructure and equipment, our innovative product development programmes, the level of service we deliver and, of course, the quality and commitment of all our staff. We have a common aim throughout theWeatherite Group – to always deliver exceptional service and exceed customers’ expectations – every time. As a group, we work with some of the UK’s most prestigious companies and have developed a close relationship, in many cases, over a considerable number of years. Never taking anything for granted, we understand that one mistake can result in lost business in the highly competitive markets in which we compete.This is at the forefront of every action we take and every decision we make. The Group’s foundations remain firmly rooted in its people – teams of highly skilled professionals, working together at every level, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to theWeatherite Group. Our people are our greatest asset.They provide the skills, knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to drive the Group forward, within an ever changing, competitive business environment. JohnWhitehouse - Group Chairman 2