Weatherite - The Cool Way to Control Your Data Centre Energy Costs

Weatherite - The Cool Way to Control Your Data Centre Energy Costs

Weatherite Group is urging data centre managers to take a fresh look to their data centre cooling systems if they want to substantially reduce their energy costs, CO2 emissions and PUE while still maintaining high efficiency cooling of their servers.

The company has been providing efficient, energy-saving, low carbon packaged cooling solutions for data centres and comms rooms for over 30 years. It aims to give customers the ideal cooling solution for their project, whatever its size and type, from design through manufacture, installation, commissioning to after sales service and maintenance support. 

“When you consider that power and cooling for a typical Data Centre can account for over 60% of the total energy costs, getting the best possible cooling system for your application and requirements is critical,” says Pat Gillan, Data Centre Manager at Weatherite Group.

One of the most successful and efficient cooling methods is direct ‘free’ outside air cooling solutions with Weatherite notching up over 2000 successful installations for data centre owners, telecoms providers, utilities providers and the private and public sectors.

“Improvements to modern server equipment mean the energy efficient, low carbon benefits of direct outside air ‘free’ cooling can now be realised more widely than ever before,” comments Pat Gillan.

The Green Grid, ASHRAE, EU Code of conduct for data centres and major server manufacturers all recognise the need to widen the operating temperatures for data centres. In the UK, Weatherite calculates that direct outside air ‘free’ cooling process can be effective for well over 80% of the year, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Free outside air cooling delivers benefits beyond dramatic energy savings and reductions in CO2emissions, it also reduces the need for air conditioning compressors to constantly run at full speed, consuming significant amounts of energy. The lifetime of mechanical cooling equipment is also increased substantially and service intervals can be extended, which lower on-going maintenance costs.

Weatherite Manufacturing produces packaged free cooling units that can help lower costs further. Designed and built to suit the specific installation, the units are pre-commissioned and tested off site, saving the time and costs of on-site builds.

Many current data centres can also be upgraded to benefit from direct free outside air replacement cooling solutions with Cold Aisle Air Containment applications lending themselves very well to retrofitting with free cooling systems.

“Data traffic and energy costs are set to rise rapidly over the next decade. As one of the UK’s most experienced and innovative data cooling specialists, we can help data centre professionals make a significant difference to their energy costs and Co2 emissions. Weatherite offers free site surveys, with highly experienced technical staff to offer advice on achieving the optimum cooling solution for customers,” adds Pat Gillan.

Weatherite Group is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and providers of cooling solutions for data centres as well as the retail, leisure, health, education and commercial sectors.